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Annual General Meeting of the Branch
The branch has been regularly holding the AGM and get together of all members. These are given year wise as below.

Sr No





2003 - 04


DRDO Auditorium Kanchanbagh


2004 - 05

April 2005

DRDO Auditorium Kanchanbagh


2005 - 06

January 2006

DRDO Auditorium Kanchanbagh


2006 - 07

August 2007

DRDO Auditorium Kanchanbagh


2007 - 08

September 2008

DRDO Auditorium Kanchanbagh


2008 - 09

September 2009

DRDO Auditorium Kanchanbagh


2009 - 10

September 2010

DRDO Auditorium Kanchanbagh


2010 - 11

September 2011

DRDO Auditorium Kanchanbagh


2011 - 12

16 Sep 2011

Seminar Hall, DLRL


2012 - 13

14 Sep 2012

Seminar Hall, DLRL


2013 - 14

23 Sep 2013

Sri Narayana Rao Auditorium, DLRL


2014 - 15

27 Sep 2014

DRDO Auditorium Kanchanbagh


2015 - 16

30 Aug 2015

DRDO Auditorium Kanchanbagh


2016 - 17

16 Oct 2016

DRDO Auditorium Kanchanbagh


2017 - 18

17 Sep 2017

DRDO Auditorium Kanchanbagh


2018 - 19

16 Sep 2018

DRDO Auditorium Kanchanbagh



15 Sep 2019

DRDO Auditorium Kanchanbagh



05 Nov 2020

Online Video Conference



16 Sep 2021

DRDO Auditorium Kanchanbagh

AGM IDST Hyderabad 2011
Annual General Meeting for the FY 2010-11 was held at the Vinaya Nagar Community Hall, IS Sadan on 23rd January 2011, which is a regular event of the Hyderabad Branch Council. As usual the members along with their spouses were invited for the meeting which commenced at 11-00 AM. The meeting was a great success as about 100 members attended it. In addition there were about 40 ladies. While the deliberations for the meeting as per the agenda earlier circulated to all the members were being held on the ground floor, the ladies were provided with some entertainment and yoga practice lessons on the first floor. The members were informed about the progress of the IDST Hyderabad branch during last six months and it involved active participation from all the members. Later, the spouses joined and besides some entertainment programme, tambola games were also played. This was followed by lunch. The members were also given New Year complimentries which included a beg, a four-page calendar and a diary.
AGM IDST Hyderabad 2012
The General Body meeting of IDST Hyderabad was held at Defence Laboratories Officers Mess, Kanchanbagh, Hyderabad on 7th January 2012. As this was the first meeting of the year 2012 coinciding with the beginning of New Year, the members were invited with their spouses. It was an excellent get-together consisting of about 90 members and over 30 ladies. As per the programme earlier planned, the ladies assembled in a separate room. Mrs Harihar Singh took initiative in organizing several activities like Tambola games, Antakshari etc for the Ladies and they kept themselves busy while the members assembled in the Hall for the General Body meeting. Once the quorum was complete, the General Body meeting started with condolences to three late members, including Mr MR Joshi (Pune Branch) founder member of IDST, who had left us for heavenly abode during last 6 months. Later, the normal business of IDST was conducted beginning from the Chairman’s address, Secretary’s report and Treasurer’s presentation of the accounts for the past 9 months of the FY 2011-12. The Chairman also informed the members about the “Formation of LABS / IDST Interaction Group” with Dr SS Murthy, former Director DESIDOC as Chairman and five other members, viz., Shri Surendra Kumar, (Ex-DRDL / ARDE), Shri B R Gandhi (Ex-DLRL), Shri S Balasubrahmaniam (Ex-DMRL), Shri RMR Vishnubhatla (Ex-NPOL) and Dr KK Sharma as the convener. This group is aimed at enhancing the scope of IDST’s activities, which could be achieved with active and close interaction with the DRDO LABS. First meeting of this Group was held on 12th December 2011. Based on the recommendation of this Group, Interactive Groups consisting of experts in different fields, such as, Technical Documentation, Aeronautics, Electronics and Materials are proposed to be formed very soon. In fact, with a significant input from Dr SS Murthy, an Interactive Group on Technical Documentation has already been formed with Dr AL Moorti, present Director of DESIDO as one of its members and its first meeting is planned in March-April 2012. The members persent at the meeting were also requested to come forward and provide inputs in these fields. The IDST Hyderabad is also planning to bring out a News Bulletin very soon. The GBM ended with lunch. The members were also given New Year Compliments including Diary and Calendar on behalf of the IDST, Hyderabad branch.
AGM–18 of IDST (H) held on 16th Sept, 2018
Dear All, 
            AGM–18 of IDST (H) was held on 16th Sept, 2018.  About 70 Members attended the meeting.  Under the “Memorial Lecture Series” instituted by IDST(H) on the name of Prof. Suri Bhagavantam, Former SA to RM, a lecture was organised which was delivered by an ESD expert Shri Vidyadhar Rao on “Electro Static Discharge (ESD) Phenomenon”. Talk was highly appreciated by the Members. Performance Data Report of the Branch  was presented alongwith the Audit report 2017- 18.  Senior Members who just completed 75 years in Sept 2018 were felicitated.  Mr.D.Bishnu, PI, Ex-Scientist, PGAD, Hyd was also felicitated who has contributed as PI for longer period of service.  A number of suggestions were received from the Members to revamp the Branch activities.  Some photos taken on the occasion are sent herewith.
With kind regards,
Dr.Harihar Singh



See Minutes




19th Annual General Body Meeting 

19th Annual General Body Meeting of Hyderabad branch was conducted on 15th Sep 19. It had good attendance. Business was transacted as per the Agenda. Of the members who completed 75 years of age, S/Shri K. Vishnu Vardhan Rao, Rampal, SK Agarwal and AD Manohar were present. They were felicitated suitably.

Two Best Performing PIs were to be felicitated but were not present.

A talk on “Health and Food habits” by Shri Bansal was very well received.

Meeting was followed by Lunch.

IDST Central Council Meetings
The branch regularly hosts the Central Council meetings in accordance with the provisions of SOP, i.e., rotation between 4 branches, which is generally an annual event and details are as follows.
Year Date Venue
2005 21-22 Sep 05 RCI Auditorium, Hyderabad
2006 25-26 Sep 06 RCI Auditorium, Hyderabad
2007 09-10 Jul 07 DMRL Auditorium, Hyderabad
2008 25-26 July 08 RCI Auditorium, Hyderabad
2009 25-26 July 09 RCI Auditorium, Hyderabad
2010 23 Sep 10 DLRL Auditorium, Hyderabad
2012 08-09 June 12  
2013 16-17 May 13 DRDO Auditorium, Kanchan Bagh Hyderabad
2014 26 Sep 14 DRDO Auditorium, Kanchan Bagh Hyderabad
2015 29-30 Jan 15 DRDO Auditorium, Kanchan Bagh Hyderabad
2016 15-16 Apr 16 DRDO Guest House, Kanchanbagh, Hyderabad
2016 02-03 Sep 16 DRDO Guest House, Kanchanbagh, Hyderabad
2016 26 Dec 16 DRDO Guest House, Kanchanbagh, Hyderabad
2017 26-27 Apr 17 DRDO Guest House, Kanchanbagh, Hyderabad
2018 15-16 Feb 18 DRDO Guest House, Kanchanbagh, Hyderabad
2019 22-23 Feb 19 DRDO Guest House, Kanchanbagh, Hyderabad
2006 26 Sep 06 DLOMI Officers Mess, Kanchanbagh, Hyd
2010 24 Sep 10 DLRL Auditorium, Hyderabad
2014 27 Sep 14 DRDO Auditorium, Kanchanbagh, Hyd
2016 26 Sep 16 DRDO Auditorium, Kanchanbagh, Hyd
Conducted the on-line training program Guided Missile Systems to M/s CRL  Engineers from 15.02.21 to 19.02.21.  Nearly 30 egineers were participated.

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